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Icumsa 45- Prices & Terms

Current June 2011 pricing is:

12500/tons SPOT ... USD 515.00/ton
25000/tons SPOT ... USD 505.00/ton
37500/tons SPOT ... USD 495.00/ton
50000/tons SPOT ... USD 485.00/ton
75000/tons SPOT ... USD 470.00/ton
100000/tons SPOT.. USD 455.00/ton
12x12500/tons ...... USD 440.00/ton
12x25000/tons ...... USD 430.00/ton
12x37500/tons ...... USD 410.00/ton
12x50000/tons ...... USD 400.00/ton
12x75000/tons ...... USD 390.00/ton
12x100000/tons…..USD 385.00/ton

Commission: USD 2.00 included on prices (No overprice allowed)
Payment: DLC at sight (SPOT)
Payment: ARDLC for total contract value or IDLC first shipment + 1 additional SBLC  the following shipment
Iraq Destination: Please add USD 20.00/ton
Procedures (not negotiable):
1) Buyer sends ICPO + Soft Probe authorization + NCND

2) Seller sends FCO
3) Buyer signs and sends FCO back to seller with BCL
4) Seller sends the Contract
5) Buyer signs the contract and sends back to seller
6) Buyer sends POF via MT799
7) Seller sends POP bank to bank
8) Buyer issue the non-operative / non-transferable L/C
9) Seller issue the PB 2% to activate the L/C
10) Shipment starts from 30/45 days

Packaged in 50 kg (net weight) new poly-lined jute bag or equivalent. These are bulk prices, not container prices. Contact us for other pricing and commissions.

  • White Refined Sugar-Grade A (ICUMSA 45)

    The sugar is fit 100% for human consumption.

    Origin: Brazil

     Icumsa 45 RBU attenuation index units method No. 4-1978    

     Color – Sparking Crystal White

     Polarization at 20’C– 99.8% min

     Moisture – 0.04% maximum

     Sulphated Ash Content – 0.04% maximum

     Reducing Sugar : 0.05% maximum by weight

     As : 1 ppm maximum

     Os : 2 ppm maximum 

     Cu : 3 ppm maximum

     HPN Staph Aureus : NIL

     Substance : Solid Crystal

     Solubility: 100% dry and free flowing

     Sediments: None

     Smell: Free of any smell

     Granulation – Fine Magnetic Particles: 4 mg/kg maximum

     SO2 – 20 ppm maximum

     Radiation – Normal without presence of cesium or iodine:


     Phytosanitary Certificate of No Radiation, no virus,

     no insect p parts, husks, no poisonous matter and

     non genetic and is suitable for human consumption.

     Crop – 2010


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